You’re smart.
I make sure it shows.

Erin Elaine Casey - Halifax writer, editor, web content writer, writing coach


“Now you’re speaking my language!”

When we hear that, we know we’ve hit the mark, made the sale, closed the deal. We’ve convinced someone to see things as we see them.

It’s no accident that this expression signals agreement. For every piece of communication, there’s an audience. That audience needs to hear your message in words THEY can understand.

You’re passionate about your business, project, or cause. A professional writer-editor helps you translate that passion to your clients, customers, readers, and listeners. Put your audience first. Help them understand what you have to offer so they can make an informed decision. Chances are that decision will point right back to you.


I help you show your expertise while respecting your audience’s need for clarity, simplicity, and problem solving.

I get to know you and your needs before I write a word. I want YOU to sound like YOU!

I have more than twenty years of experience writing and editing for business, not-for-profit, education, government, and individual authors. My versatility is your biggest asset.


My goal is to let you and your organization shine. You have what you need: Knowledge, experience, data, and relationships. I help you build your brand, business, and audience by making sure your message is compelling and engaging.

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